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Don’t Be Scared of Kubernetes

Kubernetes has the broadest capabilities of any container orchestrator available today, which adds up to a lot of power and complexity. That can be overwhelming for a lot of people jumping in for the first time – enough to scare people off from getting started. Here are 5 reasons it can seem intimidating to get started, andRead More »

Products, docker enterprise, Kubernetes

October 31, 2019, by David Friedlander

Docker Enterprise: The First DISA STIG’ed Container Platform!

Docker Enterprise was built to be secure by default. When you build a secure by default platform, you need to consider security validation and governmental use. Docker Enterprise has become the first container platform to complete the Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIG) certification process. Thanks to Defense InformationRead More »

Products, Container platforms, docker enterprise, security

October 8, 2019, by Andy Clemenko

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