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Download and Try the Tech Preview of Docker Desktop for M1

Last week, during the Docker Community All Hands, we announced the availability of a developer preview build of Docker Desktop for Macs running on M1 through the Docker Developer Preview Program. We already have more than 1,000 people testing these builds as of today. If you’re interested in joining the program for future releasesRead More »

Engineering, Products, developers, docker desktop, Mac

December 16, 2020, by Jean-Laurent de Morlhon

Introducing Docker Engine 20.10

We are pleased to announce that we have completed the next major release of the Docker Engine 20.10. This release continues Docker’s investment in our community Engine adding multiple new features including support for cgroups V2, moving multiple features out of experimental including RUN --mount and rootless, along withRead More »

Products, containers, docker, Docker engine

December 10, 2020, by Ben De St Paer-Gotch

What developers need to know about Docker, Docker Engine, and Kubernetes v1.20

The latest version of Kubernetes Kubernetes v1.20.0-rc.0 is now available. The Kubernetes project plans to deprecate Docker Engine support in the kubelet and support for dockershim will be removed in a future release, probably late next year. The net/net is support for your container images built with Docker tools is not beingRead More »

Products, containerd, developers, Docker engine, Kubernetes

December 4, 2020, by Dieu Cao

Join Docker’s Community All-Hands

Openness and transparency are key pillars of a healthy open source community. We’re constantly exploring ways to better engage the Docker community, to better incorporate feedback and to better foster participation. To this end, we’re very excited to host our first Community All-Hands on Thursday December 10th at 8am PST /Read More »

Community, All Hands, docker

December 2, 2020, by William Quiviger

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